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Visa Students who take courses for less than 15 hours per week are not considered full-time students and no Certificate of Enrollment will be issued, in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

Applying from abroad:

Students applying from abroad who have received a formal letter of admission should apply to the nearest office of Taiwan Foreign Affairs, consulate or representative agency for a visitor visa. Extendible and non-extendible visitor visas are issued to students. Most visas allow the holder to remain in Taiwan for sixty days. The former may be extended twice for a maximum stay of up to 180 days. If the visa is non-extendible or when no further extensions will be granted, the holder must leave Taiwan for a short time. If the visa is not valid for multiple entries, a new visa must be obtained from abroad. Student should pay close attention to the date stamped by customs upon entry into Taiwan. Since visitor visas are limited to 6 months (180 days), students who plan to study for two terms should be aware that the expiration date may fall before the end of the term.

Students who hold a 14 day landing visas should note that the visa is non-extendible. Therefore, students must leave Taiwan after 14 days and apply for a new visa from abroad.

Students who are absent for more than one-third of total course hours are not allowed to extend visa. Students who are absent for more than a quarter of total course hours are not allowed to apply for alien resident visa.


  1. For those who hold a single-entry visa and would like to leave Taiwan during the period of study, please apply for a Certificate of Enrollment at the CLC before leaving Taiwan, and be sure to apply for a new visa before entering Taiwan.
  2. Please note that Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sometimes requires student to have a guarantor before a visa is issued. According to the policy of the Ministry of Education, the CLC is not allowed to act as a guarantor.
  3. After four months of consecutive study at the CLC, students in good academic standing who plan to continue studying at the CLC may apply to change their visitor visa to alien residential visa.
  4. Be sure that you understand the rules and regulations regarding visas before you leave your country. For further details, contact the nearest Taiwan embassy, consulate or representative agency.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs: https://www.mofa.gov.tw/en/default.html
Ministry of Interior National Immigration Agency: https://www.immigration.gov.tw/5475/