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CLC does not collect extra registration fee or handling charges those are not listed in Fees & Charges on our website.

Fees & Charges

Full-time students (Learning materials not included)

Status Application Hours /week Total fee Former students
Full-time students
15 hours/week
11 weeks/quarter
Application from outside Taiwan (or dormitory application) 15 NT$33,000 NT$29,700
Application from within Taiwan 15 NT$30,500 NT$27,500

Part-time student (Learning materials not included)

Status Class Hours/week Total fee Former students
Part-time students
6 or 9 hours/week
11 weeks/quarter
Standard Class 9 NT$19,800 NT$17,820
6 NT$13,200 NT$11,880
5 NT$11,000 NT$9,900
Specialist Class 9 NT$19,800 NT$17,820
6 NT$13,200 NT$11,880
Individual class Fee: NT$700 /hour (2 hours per class. Minimum: 2 hours per week)
Two-person class Fee: NT$400/hour (2 hours per class. Minimum: 4 hours per week)

Summer Session

Class Hours/week Total hours Hours fee/hour Total fee Former students
Summer Session(6-week intensive program) 25 150 NT$240 NT$36,000 NT$32,400

Free Courses

Program Hours Fee Notes
Mandarin Phonetic Symbols 6 Free This course begins during the 2nd week of each semester (exact date will be announced prior to program commencement)
The Origin of Chinese Characters 4 Free This course begins during the 2nd month of each semester (exact date will be announced prior to program commencement)

Special tuition offers

  1. Former students are eligible to receive a 10% discount
  2. New students paying two semesters in advance are eligible for a 10% discount
  3. Internal exchange students and NSYSU students are eligible for a 15% discount
  4. Students who recommend a new full-time student shall receive a NT$500 coupon from the library.


  1. Should classes be cancelled due to lack of applicants, tuition fees shall be refunded
  2. If applicants are unable to obtain a visa, the class tuition shall be refunded
  3. Tuition fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  4. Tuition is deferrable to the following semester - providing it is deferred before the start of the current semester


In accordance with Taiwanese law, all foreign students are required to purchases medical or accident insurance. The Chinese Language Centre can assist in the purchase of such insurance during registration. The cost of the insurance is approximately $$2580 for 1 year.

Students already possessing insurance from their own countries are required to bring the appropriate documents with them to Taiwan.

Foreigners residing in Taiwan and holding an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) for longer than six months are required to join the "National Health" Program, the cost of which is NT$826 per month.

Insurance types duration notes
Group Accident Insurance NT$1,880/1 Year($470/3 months) Apply during class registration
National Health Insurance NT$826/1 Month After holding an ARC for longer than 6 months

Other Information

  Expense Fee/ Duration Notes
Dormitory NT$6,400 per person / 3 months (4-person room)
  1. On-Campus accommodation is available to full-time students.
  2. Electricity is metered and charged on a per-room basis
NT$12,300 per person/ 3 months (2-person room)
Off-Campus Housing NT$20,000 / 1 month (Apartment/Flat) A one-year lease is usually required
A security deposit of one to two months’ rent is usually required and may be refunded under certain circumstances
NT$5,000~8,000 / 1 month (Individual Suite/Bedsit)
Learning Materials NT$1,000~2,000/3 months