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Job title Name Telephone E-Mail Responsible for business
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering,University of Texas at Austin
Dr. Chih-Wen Kuo 07-5252000#2630 email
  1. Vice President for International Affairs
  2. Supervise the operation of CLC’s various business
Executive Manager Anny Hu 07-5252000#3034 email Supervise the operation of CLC’s various business
Program Coordinator Shirley Liu 07-5252000#3030 email
  1. Teacher Consulting
  2. Official Website Management
  3. Administration and Planning (Seasonal Programs)
  4. Accounting
  5. Others
Program Coordinator Natalie Hsiao 07-5252000#3032 email
  1. Promoting on-campus Internationalization
  2. Project planning and promotion
  3. Others
Program Coordinator Jasmine Chen 07-5252000#3031 email
  1. Student Consulting
  2. CLC Email Management
  3. Official Website Management
  4. Administration and Planning (Seasonal Programs)
  5. Accounting (Scholarship and Insurance)
  6. Others