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Job title Name Telephone E-Mail Responsible for business
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida
Dr. Mitch Ming-Chi Chou 07-5252000#2630 email
  1. Vice President for International Affairs
  2. Supervise the operation of CLC’s various business
Executive Manager Anny Hu 07-5252000#3034 email Supervise the operation of CLC’s various business
Program Coordinator Shirley Liu 07-5252000#3030 email
  1. Teacher Consulting
  2. Official Website Management
  3. Administration and Planning (Seasonal Programs)
  4. Accounting
  5. Others
Program Coordinator Ally Lin 07-5252000#3031 email
  1. Student Consulting
  2. CLC Email Management
  3. Official Website Management
  4. Administration and Planning (Seasonal Programs)
  5. Accounting (Scholarship and Insurance)
  6. Others
Program Coordinator Jasmine Chen 07-5252000#3032 email
  1. Promoting on-campus Internationalization
  2. Project planning and promotion
  3. Online synchronous course 
  4. Overseas Admissions
  5. Industry-academia cooperation
  6. Others