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Courses and Teaching materials

Teaching materials include Practical Audio-Visual Chinese, Far East Everyday Chinese, Taiwan Today, Practical Business Conversation, etc. Different from other language centers, the CLC compiled its own teaching materials. By using Kaohsiung and NSYSU as the background, the materials are focused on daily conversation as well as the local culture. “Stories of Mrs. Ding’s Family,” “An Introduction to Mandarin Pronunciation” and “Practical Chinese Conversation” are the main materials used now in the CLC , which we believe these materials will not only provide interesting learning varieties to the students, but also to help them easily communicate and understand the people and the life in Kaohsiung.

Courses focusing on Chinese typically used in newspapers, radio and television programs are also available. Many classes use audio or video cassettes and other non-textbook materials in order to make studying at the CLC as interesting and varied as possible. The center also offers courses with literary, historical and philosophical texts.

*This chart will vary and is subject to change without notice.

Level Integrated Courses
(9 hrs/Mon. Wed. Fri.)
Improvement Courses
(6 hrs/Tues. Thurs.)
Practical Courses
(6 or 9 hrs/week)
Beginner Beginner:
Stories of Mrs. Ding’s Family 1
Basic Level 1:
Stories of Mrs. Ding’s Family 2
Basic Conversation
Practical Chinese Conversation I
Elementary Conversation
Practical Chinese Conversation Ⅱ
Elementary Basic Level 2
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Ⅲ, L1-8
Basic Level 3
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Ⅲ, L9-14&
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Ⅳ L1-2
Intermediate Conversation
Practical Chinese Conversation Ⅲ
Basic Reading Level 1
Beginning Chinese Readings I
Intermediate Intermediate Level 1
Practical Audio-Visual ChineseⅣ, L3-10
Intermediate Level 2
Practical Audio-Visual ChineseⅣ, L11-14
Mini Radio Plays L1-4
Intermediate Level 3
Mini Radio Plays L5-12
Basic Reading Level 2
Taiwan Today L1-7
Elementary Reading Level 1
Taiwan Today L8-14
Elementary Reading Level 2
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Ⅴ, L1-7
Advanced Advanced Level 1
Chinese Language Reader L1-8
Advanced Level 2
Chinese Language Reader L9-16
Advanced Level 3
Chinese Language Reader L17-24
Intermediate Reading Level 1
Practical Audio-Visual Chinese Ⅴ, L8-14
Intermediate Reading Level 2
Thought and Society
Advanced Reading Level 1
Thought and Society
Introduction to Newspaper Readings
Beginning Composition
First Course in Literary Chinese
Practical Newspaper Readings
Elementary Composition
Classical Selections I
Mandarin Daily News
Practical Business Conversation 1
Intermediated Composition
Classical Selections
Selected Movie Scripts I
Expert     Practical Business Conversation 2
Selected Movie Scripts 2
Selected Business Readings
Listening Training - TV News
Selected Commentaries