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Things you must know about CLC, NSYSU - The 25th Anniversary Series Report-10 【Free Online Asynchronous Course】

Ever since the rising of the Chinese economy, there is an upsurge of Mandarin Learning all around the world. Yet, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020

confined our movement and consequently, online learning became a popular way of learning. CLC’sOnline Asynchronous Coursetakes the advantage ofOnline Synchronous Coursein that there is no time difference problem. It is more convenient for language learners.

In order to fulfill most of the Mandarin learner’s requirement, CLC has developed twoOnline Asynchronous Courseswith one specifically targeting on Elementary learner, and the other on Intermediate/Advanced learner. There are instruction video clips for each of the courses. Interested learner can register at the learning platform for free. With detailed instructions for each course, the video clip provides systematically learning steps, thus, the essential learning skills, namely Learning, Speaking, Reading, and Writing will be effectively improved.

Those video clips are embedded in the learning platform with three user-friendly steps to put in/back in place, making them easier to use of. The unread clip will be left intact and a ‘Viewed’ label will be shown for course that has been clicked/read. Aside from these, there are e-textbooks for learner to prepare in advance and review as well. CLC’sOnline Asynchronous Coursesare entirely free of charge, very effective and practical. We wish you can make good use of them. (https://clc.nsysu.edu.tw/)

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