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[Discount] Registration for TOCFL, 4th of Jan,2020

10% Discount is available for those register the TOCFL Formal Test 

報名流程說明  Registration Process :


1. 先在「華語文能力測驗線上報名系統」(https://reg.sc-top.org.tw/)註冊(已註冊可免)。


Please log in and register at the TOCFL registration website: https://reg.sc-top.org.tw/  (Those who have registered before can skip this step.)


2. 提供註冊帳號給學校。

Please provide your registration account to the school portal.


3. 再次登入「報名系統」,確認報名資料後,會出現有效的優惠碼(預設為使用),點選(確認資料正確)後,即會出現折價金額。


Log into again the TOCFL registration system and confirm the registration information. Once the registration information is confirmed, the valid E-Coupon Code would appear (the default setting is Applying E-coupon Code).Then you may click on the button

Correct ” to make sure the registration information is right, the discounted amount would appear on the screen.




For more information, please see the attachment!

Please the attachment to get 10% discount for rsgistration fee!



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