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Can students do makeup exam if they cannot take the exam on the specific date?

Yes. Please fill the "Compensation Test Application Form."


Regulations for Makeup Exams in Chinese Language Center, NSYSU

I. Applicable to: Students who enrolled in CLC.

II. Requirements: Students who meet the following requirements provided with related documents can

apply for makeup exams either before or after the scheduled date.

A. Students who have to depart immediately due to the visa expiration.

B. Students who have to depart because of important events as weddings or funerals.

C. Students who cannot take exams due to illness or injury.

D. Students who are not going to continue the study in next term and are unable to change the

departure date of the flights.

III. Makeup Exam Details:

A. Exams held either before or after the scheduled date are considered makeup exams.

B. Makeup Exam Periods:

Two weeks prior to and after the scheduled exam date are considered makeup exam. For example,

assuming the scheduled exam date is August 24th, then the applicant has to finish the makeup exam

within the period from August 10th to September 9th.

C. Students who wish to take the makeup exam should apply to the CLC office two weeks before the

scheduled date. The staff in charge should arrange the exam date, the test site, the supervisor, and

the oral proctor accordingly.

D. The score of the Makeup Exam should be 80% of the original score.

IV. For issues not covered here, the CLC should deal with by case.

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