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How foreigners enroll NHI (National Health Insurance)?

The National Health Insurance Act stipulates that foreign nationals who with Valid Alien Resident Certificate or Resident certificate for the Taiwan area( including those from Hong Kong, Macau and China) must be registered in the National Health Insurance program upon living in Taiwan for 6 months (6 months of continuous residence in Taiwan or with one trip abroad not exceeding 30 days when the actual residency period of 6 months is reached after the days abroad have been deducted).

The insurance fee is NTD 749 monthly and be paid on a 3-month basis (NTD2,247).

The following documents are required in processing the application.

  1. NHI Application form.
  2. A 2 x 2 inches photo.
  3. A photocopy of ARC.
  4. A photocopy of passport.

National Health Insurance Administration



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